Chapman University, MA/MFA in English & Creative Writing 2023

University of Baltimore, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communication December 2016

Special Projects:

  • Essayist for Outlander Zine 2021
  • Featured Poet in Damozel, 2013, Featured author in UnBloc 2016
  • BABJ’s Social Media Ambassador for 2016 NABJ Conference
  • Performer at John Hewitt International Writing Festival 2016
  • Co-founder of Ova West Side Story blog, stories about Baltimore from a west side perspective 2018

Honors & Awards: Selected for Harriet Williams Emerging Writers program

Conference Presentation(s):

“The Charge that sparked Baltimore: Rhetorical analysis of Freddie Gray’s death & Black bodies in America.” Rhetoric Society of America. Baltimore, Maryland. May 27, 2022.

“Remembering bell hooks: Teaching/Learning/Thinking/Writing in Desperate Times.”  Conference on College Composition & Communication. Chicago, Illinois. February 15, 2023. (Accepted)

“It Was Beauty Killed the Beast: Why Kong Could Never Love a Black Woman.” Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture. Louisville, Kentucky. February 23, 2023. (Accepted)

“Perception, Agency, Confidence: How Social Rhetoric & Collaboration Shapes Agency in Student Writing.” College English Association. San Antonio, Texas. March 30, 2023. (Accepted)

Skills: Enthusiastic, detail oriented Writer and Editor with experience in generating content, managing writers, and working with various forms of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Proficient in creating and editing sites using WordPress and a working knowledge of Adobe applications (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator). Proficient in Microsoft Office. Proficient in Google Apps.


Fall 2022                               Chapman University                  Orange, CA

Graduate Student Instructor

  • Developed a course syllabus and assignments
  • Evaluating student essays and projects
  • Maintaining and updating records on student progress and grades.
  • Facilitating and leading class discussions
  • Hold office hours
  • Discuss topics related to rhetoric and composition

Fall 2022                              Museum of Americana                  Orange, CA

Editorial Assistant

  • Communicating with authors
  • Proofreading and editing prose or non-fiction works.
  • Updating the Museum Website
  • Creating web features for the Museum blog
  • Launch Museum Podcast
  • Plan and manage publication schedule

Spring 2022                               Chapman University                  Orange, CA

Residential Education Graduate Assistant

  • Assisted in the creation of new student organizations on campus
  • Reviewed, revised, and edited new organizations’ constitution
  • Organized social events (president’s meeting, engagement fair) in coordination with the Program Coordinator and the student organizations associate
  • Acted as a liaison between student organizations and staff
  • Generated reports and notes to update processes and procedures of student organizations

Fall 2020                           Chapman University                             Orange, CA

Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations

  • Assisted in the creation of new student organizations on campus
  • Reviewed, revised, and edited new organizations’ constitution
  • Organized social events (president’s meeting, engagement fair) in coordination with Student Organizations staff
  • Acted as a liaison between student organizations and staff
  • Generated reports and notes to update processes and procedures of student organizations

Fall 2020                             Oyster River Pages                       Orange, CA

Editorial Intern

  • Reading & selecting pieces for submission
  • Consulting with editors on final publishing selections
  • Provide compassionate & actionable feedback to submitters
  • Assisted in uploading bios, pieces, & pictures to the website

Winter 2019          Harford County Public Schools               Joppa, MD

Long Term Substitute 

  • Teaches content and skills in subject area utilizing curriculum designated by Harford County 
  • Evaluates each student’s progress in meeting the course standards.
  • Established and maintained standards of student behavior needed to provide an orderly, productive classroom environment.
  • Identified student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve learning, health and attitude problems
  • Communicates with parents and school counselors on student progress.
  • Supervises students in assigned out-of-classroom activities during the working day.

Fall 2018                   Baltimore City Public Schools            Baltimore, MD

English Teacher

  • Developed reports that describe student progress and learning objectives 
  • Rewrote/Decoded text to make it easier for students to understand 
  • Read, edited, and helped students revise their writing pieces 
  • Facilitated & Attended parent teacher conferences 

Winter 2018             Baltimore County Public Schools           Windsor, MD

Long Term Substitute Teacher

  • Served as both a physical education teacher and art, educating students from kindergarten to fifth grade.
  • Facilitated student learning in coordination, cognition, stamina, fitness & critical thinking
  • Maintained accurate grading and attendance
  • Collaborated with fellow teachers to develop lesson plans
  • Fostered a classroom environment promoting learning and promoting the students to persevere through challenging activities

Spring 2016 Girls’ Life Magazine             Baltimore, MD

Editorial Intern                                             

  • Wrote short features and short stories on current events, entertainment, and popular culture topics
  • Researched topics and pitched ideas for feature stories
  • Managed and revitalized Pinterest and Twitter pages for the site 

Summer 2014 Evolve Entertainment    Baltimore, MD             

Film/Entertainment Blogger                       

  • Increased website social media followers by participating in Twitter/Facebook events by 33%
  • Wrote feature stories and short stories on film and entertainment

Fall 2014 University of Baltimore   Baltimore, MD

Administrative Assistant         

  • Coordinated and organized the annual undergraduate research symposium
  • Created digital signage and flyers for library

Fall 2014            University of Baltimore Post Baltimore, MD       

Managing Editor                                  

  • Interview local establishments for content in the paper
  • Write and increase the content of the newspaper
  • Oversee and distribute content to writers
  • Recruit/hire writers
  • Responsible for the timely production of the paper
  • Promoted to Managing Editor after being a contributing writer 

Fall 2013                         Limerence Magazine               Baltimore, MD

Senior Editor

  • Wrote stories and edited articles for independent music and artists
  • Selected stories and photos to include in each issue
  • Oversaw magazine production using WordPress CMS 
  • Managed Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Held online Q&A with R&B singer James Ian that increased the magazine’s readership and followers by 110 percent
  • Researched and highlighted hip-hop trends, pop culture and music events for the site
  • Networked with other independent music artists and labels for  partnerships
  • Secured two partnerships which led to more content for the magazine
  • Promoted from staff writer to senior editor after one year

Fall 2013 Notre Dame of Maryland University     Baltimore, MD

Writing Center Consultant              

  • Offer guidance and advice in the creative processes of Student’s work
  • Edit the written work of students
  • Promote Student thought processes to improve written work
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