My First Conference

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Panther, the Chapman University newspaper. The article (Chapman authors recognized as emerging writers) details the journey to being a writer and the importance of the Festival of Women authors in Long Beach, California.

I was fortunate enough to be recommended by a previous professor. I was completely surprised and ecstatic about being recognized as an emerging writer but also a writer. (Like many writers, I struggle with calling myself a writer and confidently looking in the mirror saying, “yes, I am a writer). Disbelief is probably the perfect word to describe how I felt.

On a crisp March morning, I set out on my voyage to downtown Long Beach where the festival was held. The program included words from prominent authors, break out sessions, and a raffle. I didn’t have expectations for the day however, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the day. I felt empowered to discuss writing and converse intimately with authors.

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